Blog Entry: 002

Uploaded PROPVGVNDA’s preview today! just waiting on the fulll song until I can cement a release at the label. Getting some very positive feedback so far.
In negotiations with several other artists and heard a brand new WIP by our friend Jake Twell. Positive vibes all around!

Blog Entry: 001

I suppose the first entry of a new blog should be something epic right? hmmm well, i’ll just leave a little bio:

- We are a Record Label based out of the United Kingdom and Canada.
- We were formed in 2012.
- We love all the arts.
- We promote Trap//House//UKG/Hip-Hop//DnB//RnB mainly but will never say never to a decent track.
- We release the music we want to hear and strive to look for new talent everyday.

Follow us if you like :)